SME Test

As a part of the legislative process the Better Regulation Center carries out the Small and Medium Enterprise Test (SME Test) in which it closely describes the procedure and the estimated costs of the regulation on the SME sector, whilst also providing a comprehensive assessment of alternative solutions. Analysts from the Better Regulation Center carry out the SME Test during ongoing consultations with businesses but strictly before the material is submitted to a preliminary comment procedure.

SME Test consists of 4 phases:

  1. Consultations with SME representatives
  2. Identification of businesses affected
  3. Measuring the impact of the regulation on SMEs
  4. Assessment of alternative options and mitigatory measures / actions for SME

Detailed procedure for carrying out the SME Test is part of the Methodic procedure for impact analysis on the business environment.

Analysis of costs and benefits of an existing regulation

The Better Regulation Center's task is to make assessment and quantification of impacts of proposed as well as already existing legislation and materials of non-legislative nature by analysing the costs and benefits on the business environment with an emphasis on the SME. A part of this process is also an assessment of Slovak Republic legislative framework's conformation, particularly business legislation, to EU legislation in terms of monitoring the so-called gold-plating. This ensures that the Slovak transposition is not exceeding the minimum requirements imposed by the EU legislation.

Regarding the results of this analysis, the Better Regulation Center is trying to draw up propositions of measures aimed at lowering the regulatory burden of SMEs and with the purpose to increase the competitiveness of the business environment and to boost the economic growth. The Better Regulation Center subsequently submits the proposed measures to the Ministry of the Economy of the Slovak Republic and monitors their implementation process.