Consultations with the business sector

Consultations represent an obligatory part of the assessment of impacts on the business sector and the first phase of the performance of tests of impacts on SMEs. They should be performed in the initial stage of the materials preparation or even before the paragraph version of the amendment proposed, if a regulation is concerned. Their primary purpose is to improve transparency of the preparation of draft regulations and to create space for involving affected business entities in their development. The need of performing consultations with business entities shall be decided by the Slovak Ministry of Economy.

If a submitting party identifies material impacts on the business sector, such party would be recommended to proceed as follows in compliance with the Unified Methodology.

How can you participate on an ongoing legal process?

With the Unified Methodology becoming effective, entrepreneurs or their representative organizations have a unique chance to participate on consultations with a respective entrepreneur regarding draft legal or non-legal documents under preparation. They can take part in this process either on their own or in cooperation with us or they can ask for registration in the list of consulting entities administered by the Slovak Ministry of Economy.

Except for consultations regarding Slovak regulations, entrepreneurs may also take part in consultations regarding proposals initiated by the European Union, which may only be influenced before the moment, when it is required to transpose them into the Slovak law or when they become effective. You can submit your issues or observations regarding regulations influencing business sector in EU to the partners of the Enterprise Europe Network. The overview of ongoing consultations regarding regulations under preparation at the EU level according to problematic sectors can be found on the European Commission’s site.

A detailed procedure of how to perform the SME test is included in the Methodical Procedure for Analysis of Impacts on the Business Sector. Results of the SME Test as the Annex to the Analysis of Impacts on the Business Sector are enclosed to the material during the negotiations both at the Slovak Government and National Council and its committees.