Bureaucratic Nonsense

Are you also sometimes surprised, what kinds of nonsenses are lurking for entrepreneurs in Slovak regulations? The aim of the Bureaucratic Nonsense of the Year survey is to draw attention of competent persons to legal measures that unnecessarily make the life of Slovak entrepreneurs more complicated. Within the survey, we assess tens of public suggestions every year from the aspect of their legal relevance and recommend ten most absurd ones; then the public votes for one of them to become the winner.

Become a part of the Bureaucratic Nonsense of the Year survey and nominate a nonsense measure, which makes your business more complicated. Bureaucratic Nonsenses may include any national or regional legal measure or any other bureaucratic duty affecting the business sector.

History of Bureaucratic Nonsense

Bureaucratic Nonsense of 2018

  • Animals are not allowed to enter cafés
  • The duty of keeping and storing records of types and quantities of waste and its handling
  • Absurd bureaucracy at inspections performed by the Social Insurance Company
  • Ban to use raw materials from minor farmers for business purposes
  • Prior to providing an employee a company car, his/her employer shall perform a test drive with such employee and make him/her familiar with the vehicle operation manual
  • Duty of paying licence fees even for employees taking their maternity/parental leaves
  • Duplicate registration of company owners as final beneficiaries (RESOLVED)
  • E-shops’ duty of paying buyers money back after sending a receipt of shipping goods via mail
  • Duplicate entrepreneurs’ duty of informing the tax office of a new bank account
  • No chance of hiring young voluntary workers.