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The Better Regulation Center is a specialized analytical unit established within the Slovak Business Agency. Our analytical unit was created following the Initiative of the European Union on the promotion of Small and medium enterprise, also known as the Small Business Act, with the aim to accomplish the objectives stipulated by this Initiative. The Better Regulation Center comprises a team of specialists in the fields of legislation and regulatory impact assessment on the business sector (the so-called Business Impact Assessment), whose mission is the reduction of the disproportionate regulatory burden of businesses and an improvement in the business environment in Slovakia.


The primary mission of the Better Regulation Center (BRC) is a reduction of the disproportionate regulatory burden of SMEs and an improvement of the business environment in Slovakia. Amongst the main activities of the BRC belong:

  • Identification of legislative and non-legislative measures with an impact on the SMEs,
  • Assessment and quantification of impacts of the newly proposed legal norms and non-legislative materials,
  • Carrying out business impact assessments (BIA) of legislative and non-legislative materials on SMEs ex-ante and ex-post through SME Test,
  • Creating space for SMEs for consultations of newly proposed, as well as already existing legal norms, materials of non-legislative nature and EU regulations,
  • Ensuring feedback in relation to public sector bodies and bodies of the EU,
  • Presentation of measures aimed at reducing the regulatory burden on SMEs in order to boost the economic growth and the competitiveness of the business sector,
  • Implementation of the “Think Small First” Principle in the Slovak legal system in accordance with the Small Business Act, i.e. taking into account the specific needs of the SMEs,
  • Assessment of excessive transposition of EU Directives in the Slovak legal system (so-called gold-plating).
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Primary tasks of the Better Regulation Center in relation to the assessment of newly enacted regulations arise mainly from the Unified Methodology for the Assessment of Selected Impacts approved by the Slovak Republic Governmental Resolution No. 24/2015 on January 14th 2015 in the wording of the Government Resolution No. 513/2015 of September 16th 2015 and Governmental Resolution No. 76/2016 of December 2nd 2016, as well as from the Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Act enacted by the Slovak Republic Government on August 17th 2016.

A partial statement of the Better Regulation Center on materials submitted for assessment is incorporated in the Statement of the Permanent Working Commission for Assessing Selected Impacts in the section „impact on the business environment“. The Commission’s statements are listed here.

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