BRC welcomes government’s support for self-employers and offers cooperation for better regulation

BRC welcomes the outcome of last week's negotiation of the Government to the amendment of Income Tax Act. Fixed rate expenses for self-employers will increase from the current 40% to 60% and their new maximum ceiling will be 20 000 instead of current 5040 €. Despite the fact that the previous proposal of the amendment didn't count with this change, the Better Regulation Center in this case already applied principal comment in interdepartmental commenting process reasoned by promises given to self-employers in the Government's Statement of Policy.

In addition, there was a reversal of the tax rate on dividends, which will be eventually 7% instead of the proposed 15%, the act will come into force by 2018 without retroactivity. The Better Regulation Center proposed in the interdepartmental commenting process, as well as in appealing procedure, that the new conception of dividend tax should be reconsidered, both from the bottom and the top ceiling point of view, or the actual rate, since the original proposal sent to the preliminary comment procedure counted with a rate of 10%.  Final rate is deemed as success for all participating business representatives.

The Better Regulation Center welcomes government's willingness to take into account the comments made by entrepreneurs and is open for any type of cooperation with the purpose to modify legislation in order to reduce the regulatory burden on business.


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