BRC assessed tens of nominations – vote for the Bureaucratic Nonsense of the Year 2016

Depressed young entrepreneur sleeping on the table with a documents pile on his head, shot in the office

Do you sometimes wonder what sort of nonsense is lurking in the Slovak legislation, waiting to attack the unsuspecting entrepreneur? This year, for the 5th time in a row, you have the opportunity to vote for the Bureaucratic nonsense of the year. 10 hottest candidates have been announced lately, yet only one can win this anti-prize whose aim is to direct the attention of policymakers to regulations that unnecessarily complicate the lives of entrepreneurs in Slovakia.

In the BRC we have assessed from a legal perspective and quantified the financial costs of tens of nominations coming from the general public. Among the nominated nonsenses is also the strict liability of the buyer of a service for illegal employment at the provider of the service, which was the subject of our extensive analysis which also included potential alternative solutions.

"Better regulation and removal of nonsensical bureaucracy is undoubtedly a long-distance run. A wide variation of nominations bear witness to the fact that creativeness of the regulators – in a negative sense of word – is prevalent across the whole public sector. The good news is the introduction of new rules for the regulatory process and the establishment of the Better Regulation Centre at the Slovak Business Agency. Let us believe that they both contribute to a reduction in the number of nominations in the coming years,” said Marian Letovanec from the Slovak Business Agency.


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